How I teach


  • Together, we find and define your musical goals
  • Together, we find the best way and pace for you to develop your technical and musical skills
  • Together, we plan opportunities for concerts, auditions, competitions, chamber music opportunities etc.
  • Together, we choose the repertoire that you will enjoy
  • You will receive access to much material online; exercises, practice tips, repertoire ideas etc.


  • You will receive tips and feedback which work immediately
  • You will receive a structured and individualized plan for your time  at home
  • You will receive consistent teaching on developing your technique
  • You will receive information on musical structures, music history and theory that will inform your musical decisions
  • You will find multi-directional ways to deepen your expressive and creative faculties.


  • Becoming an artist – professional or amateur – takes time. I will give you this time and the patience to try many avenues and discover many enhancing techniques.
  • We will work at the frequency – weekly, bi-weekly or en bloc – that suits your life
  • Online lessons are possible